Slide 297, 000 children
under the age of 5 die
each year due to
lack of clean drinking water.

Availability of drinking water in different regions of the world (m3 / person per year)

The main deficit regions are premium markets for drinking water

Already today, a number of countries in the Middle East, South-East Asia and Africa are experiencing a severe shortage of drinking water and are forced to use expensive and energy-intensive desalination and water treatment technologies.
Key premium markets: Southeast Asia and the middle East. Target markets for the project: China, Indonesia, the UAE.

Drinking water production cost rises in countries with water shortage

The average price for consumers is indicated in USD for 1m3

CountryDesalinationPurificationConventional Delivery
imgUAE8Up to 13 Up to 13
imgIndonesia10Up to 30Up to 30

Price for 1 liter of drinking water in China

Fresh water is the key market of the future

By 2028, the water sales will be ranked the first financial market in the world.
Each dollar invested in fresh water accessibility improvements and safety will be yielding from 4 to 12 dollars on average, depending on the type of investment.
WHO estimates that each 1 USD, invested in safe drinking water and sanitation improvements can generate returns ranging from 3 to 34 USD.

Drinking water market size

10% of Earth population

do not have access to fresh water resources.

50% of people

UN data estimates that up to 50% of population will be living in water deficient regions.

$1,4 billion

In 10 years drinking water market volume will reach $1,4 billion 3,9 bil х 365 days х 1 lit х $1 =$ 1,4 billion

Russia has massive fresh water resources

The use of Russian water resources in the countries of Southeast Asia and Middle East will help to solve the problems of drinking water scarcity


of the world’s fresh water resources are located in Russia

13,5 billion lit/per day

Volume of clean drinking water flowing into the ocean from a single river in the North-East of Russia

11,4 million lit/per day

Volume of drinking water required for Singapore’s population

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