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ICETECH innovations will provide hundreds of millions of people with clean fresh water

Corporate Values*:

Technology: We use highly efficient technology to achieve perfect results.
Trust: We are buildingclearand trustworthy relationship.
Sustainability. We support UN workaimedat positive transformation our world.Just as many UN members, we feel that safe and accessible freshwater resources should become part of the world we wish to create and live.


To resolve water scarcity problem on a global scale

* fundamental beliefs that business is based on.
**this is a dream, this is the idea of owners and top managers about the company in the future
*** this is the desired end result that the company’s activities are aimed at achieving

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Soviet scientist Vladimir Glotov formulated the concept of using icebergs to provide drinking water to regions with its deficit.


The first presentation of the concept of using cold as a resource for providing the Earth with drinking water was made at the VII international Gold Region Development Symposium in Sapporo (Japan).


The concept of artificial iceberg production was presented at an international conference in Thailand.


In the scientific work “Specific Features of Economic Use of Water Resources in the Magadan region” presented a suitable place for the production of artificial icebergs for subsequent transportation.


A detailed study of the technical and commercial part of the project began. The concept of membrane freezing and transportation of artificial icebergs is formulated.


Start of development of the chemical composition of the material for the production of a membrane for transporting artificial icebergs.


The Project received its first development funding due to the activities of the Atlas International expert community. Development of iceberg delivery routes taking into account the world’s drinking water needs, climate zones, currents, and other factors. The project was first presented at the world economic forum (WEF). The delegation of Indonesia became interested in the project and initiated calculations of the project’s economic efficiency for its region.


The basic concept of iceberg logistics was developed. At the EEF on September 3-6, the Indonesian delegation announced the possibility of saving $ 6.5 billion over 10 years of using the technology in comparison with current methods of obtaining fresh drinking water. The project team has been formed.

January 2018

Presentation of the solution for registration of intellectual property rights of the project based on blockchain technology at the World Blockchain Summit.

March 2018г.

A computer modulation of the delivery of icebergs from Magadan to Indonesia is performed.

Sept. 2019

Participation in the 7th international science and technology exhibition High Tech Expo 2019 in Myanmar.

October 2019

Patent search completed. The procedure for patenting technologies and registering a trademark in Russia and WIPO started. Applications are being prepared for registration in the United States, China, UAE, and Indonesia. Participation in the international exhibition on water treatment technologies, energy technologies and environmental protection WETEX. Agreements were reached on the development of the project in the Middle East.

Nov. 2019

The Project was awarded the Order of the Peace Prize Of the international Charity Alliance «Peacemaker».

February 2020

The project receives an award Greentech Asia 2020. The Chamber of Commerce and industry of India takes the project under its supervision.

April 2020

Vladimir Gonchar becomes the Peace Ambassador of the International Charitable Alliance Peacemaker.

Why do I believe In ICETECH? First of all I trust my team. We are here because each of us wants it, not because we have to or are obligated to someone. Everyday I see how much energy we put into ICETECH realization. I know how real and feasible it is!