New transportation technology that makes
drinking water accessible worldwide

Global water crisis

Growing threat of drinking water shortages on worldwide scale

Nearly 25% of Earth population (2.21 billion people) do not have access to clean drinking water (WHO/UNISEF, 2019)
By 2030, 50% of the world's population will be living in a severe shortage of drinking water (UN)
80% of all diseases in developing countries are related to water quality

Icetech – is a technological solution for transportation of millions of cubic meters of freshwater within a single logistics unit

Icetech's solution

Artificial iceberg creation

Using natural cold and the water of pure rivers of North-Eastern Russia

Iceberg delivery

From the production place to the destination point in a water-scarce region

Disassembling the iceberg

And turning it into clean drinking water without the need for further purification.


Key advantage

Transporting volumes

Just one artificial 8 million tons iceberg provides Singapore with enough pure drinking water for 2 years *.

*Singapore population – 5,7 mln people Daily consumption – 2 liters per person.

Far East of Russia

At water intake location, the water balance is maintained and preserved,
in fact, less than 3% of the river’s resources will be used when operating at
full capacity and less than 0.5% – at the project’s early stages.
The environmental effect from iceberg melting rates is comparable to heavy rain, considering temperature change and freshwater balance of the ocean.
The production complex suggests minimal CO2 emissions.
Iceberg membrane materials are recyclable to water containers.

Fresh water quality

  • Perfectly balanced chemical composition from a nutritional point of view.
  • No polluting manufactures around 1000 kilometers by the water source.
  • Ice-melted structured water is absorbed faster and brings more benefits to the human body

Using natural climate conditions for water freezing and transportation:

  • Natural freezing cold is used for iceberg creation;
  • Sea current directions and sea bottom geography;
  • Ice is naturally melted to water using climatical high temperatures at the destination point.
Cost comparison with alternative project :

Low cost is the ICETECH advantage

25 mil. $

$25 mil. Icetech production complex cost, including the creation and transportation of one 8 million tons artificial iceberg

80 bil. $

80 bil.$ Estimated expenses to build water pipeline from Baikal to Western China

International awards

MSME Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India
MSMECCII Greentech Asia 2020

MSME Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India

Order of the Peace Prize "PAX TECUM"

Worldwide Alliance Peacemeker, 2019



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